Asian beauty pageant

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Cheers rang out as teenage girls, backs straight and smiles wide, carefully lined up across a brightly lit stage. In the past few hours, each of the ten contestants—all high school girls—competed with each other in the penultimate event of the LA Korean Festival, the Miss High Teen Beauty Pageant. After four days of food, culture, and celebration, excited festival-goers gathered around a brightly lit stage to see the girls partake in an event that would last throughout the night. The pageant was not just a beauty contest, but a display of Korean culture as well. Right off the bat, contestants twirled around in Hanboks—traditional Korean dresses—as operatic music played behind them.



Kathy Zhou never considered herself the type of woman who would enter a beauty pageant. But this May, the Pinterest engineer found herself among a cluster of young professionals in a San Francisco coworking space, ready to be converted to the gospel of pageantry. They had gathered for an Imagine Talks forum, one of the TED-style leadership panels organized by the Miss Asian Global and Miss Asian America pageant—a competition that hopes to remake the rules of pageantry into a culturally rewarding, even feminist, event. And looks matter. Some of the women found wearing a swimsuit in front of hundreds of people, including their families, empowering. In the cultural-attire event, participants donned outfits that celebrated their ethnicity, often with a modern flair. Crowning women with visibility and responsibility, MAG organizers hope to prepare its entrants to navigate the challenges of their professional lives.

Bikinis and TED Talks: Can This All-Asian Competition Truly Disrupt Beauty Pageants?

BritAsian Beauty Pageant is beyond beauty, brains and talent celebrating ability, age, faith, socio-economic background enabling people from diverse backgrounds to showcase their inner beauty! We are also proud to be the pioneers in introducing the Mr. If you know you have the style to walk the ramp, the perfect grace to steal the show and the class to win the crown for Miss , Mr or Mrs BritAsian , then what are you waiting for?
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