Balls hanging out of shorts

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FishyFred : She must have been really steamed when this guy showed up to deal with the situation. EatHam : But for five years she was so nice Lord she was lovey-dovey. FirstNationalBastard : If a cat was playing with the dangling scrotum, the scene is complete. FarkinHostile : A few of my friends were big fans of doing that in clubs, bars, for pictures, ect. They'd pull out their nuts and just let them hang while they talked to people.

Police Rule This Man On Train With His Balls Hanging Out WAS NOT Breaking The Law (PHOTO)

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In fact the NYPD has plainclothes officers assigned to riding the subway all day so that they can bust gropers and whatnot. On Sunday, at around p. I encountered a flasher on the 4 train from Grand Central to Union Square. The man was wearing short jean shorts that he apparently cut so that he would be exposed when he sat down. He was sitting down with his testicles out, resting on the subway bench in full view. There were a fair number of passengers on the train, including women and children. I photographed the man so I could report him to the police.

Exposed Balls

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