Best adult movies for couples

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For decades, porn was seen as the domain of the male audience — about hot writhing bodies getting off, plot and romance secondary to the sex. However, tides have changed and women are openly watching and enjoying porn more than ever. One in three women admit to watching porn, according to a research. It's really only been in the last five to eight years that adult studios have been targeting women and couples as consumers of adult movies and this has seen a huge increase in quality romance that would rival and up the sexy notch, of course! Who knows porn better than those who work and live in the industry? We asked some of the biggest names in the adult industry what THEIR favorite romantic porn movies are — here's what they had to say!

Top 25 Best Couples Porn Movies

Adult Movies for Couples

Compliments of Gamelink. In this list you will find a broad range of genres and styles of film — everything from real-life couples having sex to adult movie classics. There are horror porn movies that will make you want to hold your lover close and porn movies that make sex fun with a comedic twist. The key to finding a good movie is experimentation, so we encourage you to keep an open mind and try to find a movie that will really appeal to you and your honey.

The 11 Best Porn Movies Money Can Buy

Documentaries appeal to the pornophobe by mixing the educationally nice with the naughty. For a more heterosexual focus, try The Barcelona Sex Project. For those yearning for pornographic yet real chemistry and caring, these films are a breath of fresh air. For a slightly raunchier form of chemistry, Tristan Taormino had the ingenious idea of taking a handful of porn stars and locking them in a house together for 36 hours with cameras and lube. In her four-part Chemistry series, these stars film themselves how, when, where and with whom they want to, making for some sexy sparks unparalleled in classic nudie flicks.
I just spent three days watching porn to find the best movies out there. I emerge a little wrecked and with a possibly unhealthy lust for Parker Marx, but found 12 super good ones, each pretty in their own way. Every movie here has a little something extra—a decent plot, super arty lighting, or maybe just a dude who looks amazing when he climaxes. So yeah. These movies are totally porn, but it's porn that's somehow elevated, as Tan on Queer Eye might put it.