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Do you not speak for days before finally giving in and apologizing? Do you make your partner grovel and beg? Or do you have hot make up sex? According to new research , when it comes to heterosexual couples, men and women want different things from their partners before they make up after a fight. Specifically, women prefer heartfelt apologies and quality time, while men would rather receive a "kind gesture" — preferably the sexual kind.

Men think sex is the best way to make up after a fight — but women would rather see some tears

How to Fight with a Woman

One inevitability in every relationship is that you will argue. Even the most perfect couple will disagree sometimes. There are differences of opinion on the best way to settle such arguments, with some research suggesting you shouldn't go to bed angry , while others swear this tactic never works. The researchers recruited young adults and asked them what they considered the best way for their partner to make up with them after a row.

These women say great sex boils down to these 5 things

Academics from Harvard University and Emmanuel College in the US looked into how boxers and tennis, table tennis or badminton players reacted at the end of a match. They found that men spend significantly longer touching their opponent than women — particularly after boxing when they would maintain contact for more than twice as long. However other researchers have concluded that women are better at cooperating than men, who focus more on competition. A study found women cooperated more effectively when playing a game called the Prisoner's Dilemma.
The two of you have had an argument. You're still mad, but he's not — and he wants to make up by making love. Fat chance: You cross your arms in front of your chest and stand firm, unmoved by the tender kisses he attempts to plant on the back of your neck.