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The policy would have required all adult internet users wanting to watch legal pornography to prove they are over 18 by providing some form of identification. Websites that refused to implement the checks faced being blocked by UK internet service providers or having their access to payment services withdrawn. However, the idea — one of the first of its kind in any democratic country — ran into legal, practical and technical difficulties. The government was also forced to exempt large social media sites from the ban over fears that it would result in the likes of Twitter and Reddit being blocked for adult content. In June, implementation was delayed for a further six months because the government failed to inform the EU of its proposals. At the time, then-culture secretary Jeremy Wright insisted the hold-up did not mean the government was backing down from its policy.

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The internet is a crazy place where you can well and truly find anything you want to. However, from a parental perspective, this does mean that your children are very close at all times to accessing pornography and other potentially harmful content. Web Filters are used to block access or visibility of content on the internet. This means you need to block sex website and block seb sites. Blocking adult content from your children is an essential process. Allowing access from a young age can seriously damage the psychology of a child, leading to many health and sexual-health problems in later life.

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