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Lifetime series Surviving R. Kelly has added to harrowing claims the rapper is holding women against their will for his own sexual gratification. Kelly has groomed, imprisoned and 'trained' numerous young and often vulnerable women to be his sex slaves, a harrowing docu-series has claimed. The year-old rapper has set up a 'cult' of young women - largely picked out of the crowd at his shows - who he abuses and keeps hostage for his own sexual gratification, according to TV series Surviving R. Kelly, which premiered in the US last week. Kelly - real name Robert Sylvester Kelly - threatened to sue Lifetime if it aired the show and denies all accusations.

Hypnotic Sexual Brainwashing

Hypnotic Sexual Brainwashing

I was at this party the other night. Maybe a friend of a friend called me. I was just hanging out talking to whoever. I saw this woman across the room. She was mid to late 40s. I approached her and I started a conversation.

Life inside R. Kelly's 'cult' - 'Grooming, sex training, brainwashing and beatings'

You know what's a great, non-creepy way to initiate sex with someone? Secretly brainwash them over the course of months without their knowledge! A service out of the US promises to "control articles presented to a specific person, on the websites he or she usually visits, in order to influence them on a subconscious level. This cannot end well. While the link looks like any old hyperlink to an article or website, it drops a piece of code onto the target's devices that serves up content over the next few weeks designed to subconsciously influence their decision-making.
People in the classes, held in Albany, appeared to venerate Mr. Raniere, Sylvie testified during his racketeering and sex trafficking trial. The experience left her thinking she would never take another class, Sylvie said. Raniere to perform oral sex on her, believing she could not refuse. For six weeks, the question of how Mr.