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She is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. More rarely, she is also one of the few who manages to be funny AND sexy, often at the same time. The blonde bombeshell is back on UK TV screens this Christmas, although not quite looking her usual self. Diaz stars in Shrek 2 as the feisty female ogre Fiona. Playing a green giant is probably not her hottest role although, each to their own but remains one of her most beloved. For more classic views of the Hollywood beauty we've roundest up some of her sexiest celluloid moments.

Did You Know Cameron Diaz Was A Soft Core Porn Star? [Video]

Ten actors that appeared in porn before they appeared on the red carpet |

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Cameron Diaz

We decided to write about the well-known actors out there that started off their careers in the porn industry, and we have to say, we are surprised by a few of them. Hollywood is tough to kickstart a career in. Actors struggle, anyone in the arts industry struggles and sometimes you just give up.
I wish I had a soft core porn past that someone cared enough about to dig up. You never see blogs that read, "Bob from the carwash down the street did soft core 90s porn. All that a soft core porn past says about an actress is that she knows what it means to be hungry. These films don't even show real sex.