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The third weekend into my stay here in Costa Rica I was able to take some surfing lessons off the Pacific Coast. Before we were able to get into the water we had to practice how to stand up on our boards while on land. Although it was an important lesson, the whole situation was a little embarrassing because every single tican there was staring at us. Oh well!

A Night at Costa Rica’s Famous Brothel

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When people think of Costa Rica they picture its toucans, monkeys, volcanoes, and pristine beaches with amazing surfing locations up and down the coasts. They see in their minds the flora, the fauna, ad infinitum. The wonders of the natural world thrive here, giving tourists to this land the opportunity to connect with the best nature has to offer. But even more, it is a land that consistently ranks high in the Happy Planet Index , even coming in at number one two years in a row. It is a country without a standing military and is home to the United Nations University for Peace. Certainly, Costa Rica offers a long list of appealing options to the most discerning traveler. One of the more curious facets of Costa Rica is that prostitution is legal.

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