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Lotz shared some thoughts on a recent sex scene that took place during Crisis on Earth X this past year, saying,. They cleared out the entire set, and everyone makes a huge deal out if it. Everyone just take a break. Just be normal. This is nothing new, as many actors have stories to share about their experiences filming sex scenes, from hilarious to embarassing.


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There are many reasons that superhero shows are enjoyable. The moments featured on this list all have some nice tension and each works up to scenes that are burned into our brains forever, for better or for worse. We considered factors like chemistry between the actors, how much skin is shown and of course how much the scene really gets to business. But, for purposes of this list we stuck to moments that are blatantly romantic or passionate. No disrespect to the unspoken tension between Cisco Ramon and Hartley Rathaway. Since the Queen was on a deadline to conceive an heir to the throne, Rip Hunter was rightfully worried about how this could mess with time.

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Only a special show like Legends of Tomorrow could strand half of its characters in the Donner Pass yes, THE Donner Pass and have it be the least worrisome storyline of the episode. But like usual, they came together and found their way out of it … for now. So, yes, Donner Pass.
As we lay there on the beach enjoying the wonderful sun I kept thinking about the lovely lady two seats to my left. Sara Lance. She was stunning and I stole glances at her whenever I could. Ever since Jesse broke up with me I haven't had sex and I really missed it. So even though Sara had a girlfriend I was too horny to care.