Great fairy hyrule warriors

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You've picked up Hyrule Warriors, the first Musou title featuring characters from the Legend of Zelda series, but maybe you're not completely clear on which character to play. Is Link your go-to guy, or is Ruto more your speed? Perhaps you need the brute strength of Ganondorf to crush your enemies. Either way, you need some help choosing the best fit for you.

Great Fairy (Item)

Great Fairy (Item) - Zelda Wiki

Subseries warning : This article or section contains information on a subseries within the Legend of Zelda series and should be considered part of its own separate canon. It effectively allows the Great Fairy to fight in Link's place while Link himself follows held inside a Bottle. Link can coordinate Combo Attacks with the Great Fairy, during which she will briefly release him from the Bottle. This weapon has a Water Elemental Attribute and its Strong Attack increases attack strength at the cost of some defense. She has a variety of combo attacks, including playing a brief game of Dead Man's Volley with Link, dropping giant bombs , summoning a Fairy Fountain and rain, borrowing Link's Knight's Sword to attack enemies with slash waves , and summoning Levias to unleash a deluge of lightning.

the great fairy hyrule warriors

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