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I was initially very dismissive of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. But more importantly, the series is an interesting spin on the fantasy genre in that it posits what would happen if completely ordinary people suddenly found themselves in a fantasy setting replete with magic and monsters. This focus on the ordinary, everyday aspects of life in an extraordinary world is what I appreciated most about Grimgar. However, this has a side-effect: Grimgar is very slow-moving. But most of Grimgar takes place in the time between quests, as the main characters try to understand each other and their relationships, go through various personal crises, come to terms with loss and grief, and other bits of drama. They arrive in the world of Grimgar as complete strangers from somewhere else, with very few memories of their former lives.

Introspective Survival in an RPG World

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Does fanservice bother you? Member since December And when I say fanservice, I'm referring to things such as gratuitous panty shots and unnatural breast physics which seems to get more and more outrageous -- look no further than Konosuba for a recent example. I'm curious to get some opinions. I've seen some people commenting on the overabundance of it in anime these days. Chances are, if the characters and the writing aren't good, I'm not going to keep watching it anyway, so overall, it doesn't affect me much.

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The male gaze is a term from feminist film theory referring to how characters on screen are presented by the those behind the camera in order to put the audience in the position of heterosexual male viewers, whether they like it or not. Women are passive; they are watched. Grimgar is a light novel adaptation which — surprise!
With few options, Haruhiro joins the Volunteer Soldiers, forms a party with the leftovers and tries his best to make enough money to survive. With no kills under their belts and a purse that is getting dangerously thin, the group realise they will have to push their amateur strength if they want food for the foreseeable future. Their already-shoddy teamwork is pushed to breaking point as they try to deal with the loss and keep living in the mysterious world of Grimgar. This is not a comprehensive list of every individual use of strong content, merely a guide to show you how extreme it gets and how strong it tends to be.