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A footballer, 19, has been revealed as the man who had consensual sex with a British teen convicted of 'false gang rape claims' in Cyprus. Israeli Shimon Yusufov met the Brit, from Derbyshire, while on holiday in Cyprus and had sex with her, but denied any involvement in a later group attack. Her claims were later thrown out by a judge and, tomorrow, she is facing up to a year in prison. Shimon Yusufov is pictured with the British teenager who accused him and 11 of his friends from Israel of gang raping her in a hotel in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, on July 17 last year.

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British teenage girl was forced to have sex with men in one day | The Independent

The British teenager convicted of knowingly making a false statement to police in Cyprus about being gang raped by a group of Israeli youths will be sentenced on Tuesday, and the hope is that the judge will be lenient and not impose an immediate custodial sentence. Judges have to take into account the culpability of the offender and the harm caused by the offending, and her case is strong on both counts. At the end of his judgment the judge found that the reason she made a false complaint was because she realised she had been videoed having sex and felt embarrassed and ashamed. Culpable are those who video-recorded her having sex and caused her serious harm that may take years to heal. I would let her off with an absolute discharge; her complaint of rape was only a technical lie. Sex with a woman while secretly video-recording her, knowing she would not consent, is not consensual sex.

Footballer revealed as man who had sex with Brit convicted of 'false gang rape claims' in Cyprus

PARALIMNI, Cyprus — A British woman who was convicted last month of lying to the authorities in Cyprus when she accused a dozen Israelis of raping her in a resort town before retracting her statement will not serve any time in prison, after she was given a four-month suspended sentence on Tuesday. The handling of her case and the guilty verdict have outraged rights groups — scores of people, including some who had traveled from Israel, protested outside the courthouse in a show of support — and her lawyers said they planned to appeal her conviction in an effort to clear her name. The local news media in Cyprus reported last week that President Nicos Anastasiades had planned to pardon the woman, who has not been publicly identified, if she received a prison term, though the suspended sentence means that he will be spared from having to make such a decision.
A British woman has spoken about the six years she spent as a teenage sex slave in Greece and Italy. He persuaded her to join him in Athens and get jobs in cafes. Before long she was handed over to other pimps and worked in brothels and on streets across Greece and Italy. Speaking about one of the brothels she worked in, she said: "They [the men] were queuing up outside. There were 10 to 15 rooms in the same place and it's just