How do blind people have sex

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Leona Godin about her experiences as a writer and the monolithic trope of blindness. Sometimes I have wondered rebelliously why Fate has trifled with me so strangely, why I was tantalized with bodily capabilities I could not fulfill. But Time, the great discipliner, has done his work well, so that I have learned not to reach out for the moon, and not to cry aloud for the spilled treasures of womanhood. Although the marriage proposal from a man—a stranger with five kids when Helen was forty-two—was not taken seriously, the opportunity to vent her heartfelt disappointments was. The contortions that people will undergo to desexualize me, a blind woman, can be overwhelming. We were middle-aged, and holding hands.

Blind People Tell Us How They Experience Sexual Attraction

Catapult | Are Blind People Denied Their Sexuality?

A lot of users weighed in, answering questions in a series of posts that were open, honest, and pretty adorable. Here are the best things you can learn from them about love and beauty:. What feels beautiful isn't always what looks conventionally beautiful. User ktwounds, who is legally blind in the state of Texas as he points out, the standards vary from state to state , notes that "voice and personality are the two major traits I 'look' for.

The Unseen Sex Lives of Blind People

Illustration: Charlotte Mei. Sexual attraction usually has some kind of visual component. Even if you see yourself as the least superficial human being on the planet, telling people you meet at bars that you're out searching for someone with whom you can establish a deep soulful connection, I'd wager that you approached those people based partly on the way they look. So what about the , people in the UK who are registered as blind?
I was rushing up Avenue A, attempting to touch up my lipstick with my right hand while holding the harness of my guide dog with my left, when I was jostled by a passerby. I was running late for a Match. Then the date called, and I told him I was almost there. I thought for a second to tell him to look out for me and my guide dog, but decided against it.