Male brazilian waxing pictures

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Welcome to Bare Skin Studio, where male Brazilian waxing is our flagship service. We do this service all day, everyday. Every male Brazilian waxing client has been thrilled with the results. You will not find another wax studio in Orange County specializing in male Brazilian waxing with the same level of expertise in and dedication to the art of brozilian waxing. Our regular clients are men that you would not expect to have a BROzilian done. Whichever type of guy you are, know that Bare Skin Studio is the place to get this done right!

3 Bikini Waxers Reveal What It's Really Like to Wax a Dude's Penis


Lori Nestore: Thirty percent of my clientele is male, and they mostly get Brazilians. Interestingly enough, the brows, chest, ears, and backs are secondary. Julia Davydov: Twenty percent [come to wax their pubic hair]. Carly Ross: Not very many at our particular location, but about five percent.

Male waxing

Male waxing is the practice of male pubic hair removal. After the increased popularity of female pubic hair styling or removal, commonly called bikini waxing , male waxing became more common in the s, although the number of practitioners historically and currently is unknown. Male waxing is popular in the body building and modeling communities. The pubic hair removal style that involves removal of all the pubic hair is called the sphinx wax. Unlike the many styling possibilities for removal of female pubic hair, the male practice is mainly total removal, sometimes called manzilian, a contraction of "male Brazilian", or "brozilian".
Male Brazilian Waxing: originated in Brazil with "Her" quickly spread to "Him" and now men everywhere are looking for the treatment. Male Brazilian waxing is a style and characterised by a small strip of hair above the penis. Have look at the images. Male Hollywood Waxing: characterised by the removal of all the hair above the penis.