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Melissa Coates

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The Naked Women's Wrestling League , also known as NWWL , is a defunct erotic women's professional wrestling promotion which featured naked females battling in the ring. Carmen Electra acted as hostess for the organization until , when she sued the company for breach of contract. Before creating the Naked Women's Wrestling League, the creators tried other products that featured naked women, such as online gambling, before settling on nude female wrestling. It returned to pay-per-view in , with the "Naked Revolution" show. Carmen Electra hosted the show, while other celebrities to appear on the program included pro-wrestling manager Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart , as well as adult entertainment star Mary Carey. In November , Electra announced a lawsuit against the NWWL for, among other things, breach of contract and failure to pay money that she claimed was still due to her. In late , the NWWL launched a website where their nude wrestling matches were available for download.

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This is pro wrestling though. It's a business that has form for fucking with people who want to get into it and generally condoning behavior that would be considered sociopathic in any normal context. So you imagined this context-less photo might gather enough momentum to be used by Linda McMahon's opposition, in at least two years time, if she runs again?
Melissa Coates born June 18, is a Canadian professional wrestler , bodybuilder , fitness model and actress. She is perhaps best known for appearing in the first two seasons of the Game Show Network show Extreme Dodgeball. Prior to entering professional wrestling, Coates aspired to become a professional tennis player after watching Martina Navratilova.