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There should be intimate male friendships on TV and in films, relationships where they can be soft and vulnerable and tactile. Men who could easily crush my small, fragile body with their bare arms, encasing me with their entire form. Yet, instead of making a quick end to my existence, he grants me mercy and use them to give nice, warm hugs and snuggles under a weighted blanket. To think this behemoth of a man cares so much for my well being, that he goes out of his way to make sure not to accidentally crush my tiny form in the process of snuggling me. Never underestimate any good you do for another person. Not always from the same person you did good to.

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Gay College Guy

Me, my jeans and hanging out with the bros. The three of us, freeballed, played volleyball and walked along Coogee beach. I reckon my jeans are getting the better workout. The more used they get the better. Makes for hot doori sex mate Geez I love my old used, worn, manned up, fixed, worn, used again levis Endless masculine turn on.

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