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Masie always brightens a day up with her energetic and bubbly character, and this fire should have been one of her very great days! More boisterous than normal Masie giggles and invisibly with the lens, bouncing from posture to pose whilst trying to get ready for the impending visit from her mum. Her hands gradually undress and caress her smooth, silky slim body. As the fire progresses, her bush of pubes and perky breasts revealed.

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Since Lucie gently bends over a stool, so pressing her big breasts against it, her white summer dress lifts and we catch a glimpse of her lace panties. Slowly zipping down her dress, Lucie takes off it discovering breasts as she cried. Turning around as she closes her thighs, we are able to see her period stained panties while she pulls tight the cloth against her vulva. Taking her panties off, Lucie spreads her labia aside with her hands, exposing her vulva before introducing a tampon inside while she plays with all the rope, rubbing it against her labia, before yanking out it as she smiles.

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Moving up her buttocks and down, then Alessia she lifts her loose skirt allowing us catch a glance of her rotten panties. Bending over the couch, with her lips she exposes her period-blood stained panties. Starting to undress, Alessia uncovers her big breasts smiling, and sliding down her panties her fingers play along with her dark, long pubic hair.
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