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A friend of mine, an American painter living in London, had read the book and suggested that I look at it. After having made the hit movie Darling in , which was nominated for three Academy Awards, earning the director his first nomination and winning Julie Christie the golden statue, London-born Schlesinger was set on making a picture in the United States. Despite his success, he was inherently a double outsider in his country, seeing as how he was both Jewish and gay. And as a gay Englishman who came to the States and suddenly wanted to do a movie about New York, that status did not change. While working on Darling, Schlesinger read Midnight Cowboy , a novel including a few sex scenes between men, written by James Leo Herlihy. Although disheartened, Schlesinger did not want to give up on the prospect of turning the novel into a motion picture, so he called producer and friend Jerome Hellman, whose project for the production company United Artists he had previously dropped out of.

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Midnight Cowboy at 50: why the X-rated best picture winner endures

The Motion Picture Association of America MPAA originally rated the film an R, changed it to an X for its depiction of prostitution and homosexuality, and then changed it back to an R only two years later, a tacit acknowledgement that the board had gotten it right the first time. And yet both the X rating and the best picture win tell us something about Midnight Cowboy as a watershed moment in the culture, marking a transitional period where Hollywood was responding to radical social change, but not quite keeping up the pace. If he had wanted to have sex with men, the film might have kept its X. At the same time, Midnight Cowboy is an extraordinary document of its era, as if it were the bridge to New Hollywood — accessible and sentimental in many respects, but constantly pushing the audience to accept new techniques and look to the margins of American life.

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