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No single area of the Internet remains free from being subject to the influence of pornography and filth. Even the sweet and innocent smiley, the humble yellow smiley face we know and love has 'grown up' and moved to the Red Light District. No longer a naive and innocent emoticon, this little smiley has learnt to display some naughty behaviour. Adult smileys also called emoticons range from mild and humorous animations such as smiley giving the finger to explicit pornographic adult emoticons and sexy avatars. The fact that smileys and emoticons now come in a variety of animated graphic formats has resulted in a huge variety of adult smileys and emoticons just search for 'adult emoticons' in Google and you'll see what I mean. What's there to see in the 'Emoticon Red Light District'?

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So what are all these adult emoticons all about? Simply put, adult emoticons are naughty and rude smileys that you can use almost anywhere. They can be used to shock and impress your friends due to their graphic and adult nature or to just express things that can simply not be put into words, or be described using standard emoticons. Adult Emoticons are the perfect way to express yourself, without saying a thing!

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We love the fact that they're animated adult emoticons. We like to think we live in a free world yes we said we like to think! Yes emoticons have sex! That's where this app helps. The best Adult Emoji collection for loving couples.
Our extensive collection of adult emoticons and adult smileys includes an exclusive collection of sex emoticons. Yes emoticons have sex! They love intercourse and fornication - 'fooling around' or putting it more crudely having a 'shag'. We don't mind what you call it.