My chinese girlfriend

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Been together about 5 months, she's a university student. She has been saying shit like when she's finished with university she wants to marry me two years. I don't really know what to say to her when she says this especially when there are so many horror stories about marriage and so much more horrible when it comes to Chinese girls. Sometimes she calls me laogong sometimes which she probably thinks is cute. Also, she stops by every fucking shop with a wedding dress and demands we look inside.

My Chinese girlfriend

What to expect when you have a Chinese girlfriend | slightly astray

Photo: glimpse. So, you're in trouble with your girlfriend again. Odds are, if you've been in a relationship with a Chinese girl, you've said or done something at least once that had you suddenly apologizing profusely, with your best Chinese, to a locked door, a stone face, or into a cell phone. There may have even been some shouting about how Westerners don't understand Chinese culture or have as much love for their families either.

What to expect when you have a Chinese girlfriend

When Ding Xiao Rou turned 15, a misunderstanding results in Xiao Rou believing that she will never find happiness. Ding Xiao Rou is an window design artist and narcoleptic. She falls asleep at critical moments of her life. She is an ordinary girl who believes herself to be 'cursed' when she was young to never find happiness.
Editor's note: Chinese women who are dating non-Chinese guys often express various issues which displease them — and the issues are mostly due to cultural differences and a lack of understanding. One of our forum readers from Pakistan sent us a list of what he considers the ten most common complaints of Chinese girlfriends. Most foreign boyfriends believe that carrying a handbag of a girlfriend is basically the opposite of manliness. But this is a very common demand of Chinese girlfriends. Chinese girls usually carry useless and unnecessary stuff in their bags and the reason is only because they want to have a bag so that their boyfriend will carry it for them.