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Erotica is only one although very important part of the art of Oliver Rath. This German artist is famous for his brutally realistic and erotic photographs and hard and rough picture language. Full frontal nudity, sex toys, sexuality — these are only some of the features of his erotic art. Rath is a Berlin-based artist and he is one of the most popular photo-bloggers in Germany. In the world of photography, he became famous for his portraits of celebrities actors, musicians.

Erotic photography for the 21st century

Erotic photography by Radoslaw Pujan | Dodho

Nevertheless, despite these differences in content and the nuances of their production, as Roof pointed out, all erotic images share the purpose of stimulating feelings of desire and sensuality. In their own ways, they liberate erotic photography from the arbitrary rules and standards that have been placed on it to define, contain it, and sell it. Daido Moriyama was born in Osaka in He began taking photos in the s, and is mostly known for his black-and-white street photography of Tokyo.

The Erotic Art of Oliver Rath - Scandalous, Bizarre and Shocking

In that time I have moved to Krakow and that was when I have changed my way of looking on photography. Now I am 37 and I am working and living between Poland, France and Belgium, creating histories and capturing beauties of our world. Lot of projects to finalize that are in my head…however not always a time to commit. Erotic photography Radoslaw Pujan.
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