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She tends to mimic Serena as shown when she stretched like her. Like her trainer, she detests getting dirty, and always takes great care to look her best at all times, and can get angry if she gets dirty. However, she overcomes her fear of untidiness and learns an important lesson in doing so in order to protect Serena, though she never loses her desire to be beautiful. Fennekin also shows her love of twigs when Serena feeds it to her and the twig she eats is similar to a pocky stick. After evolving, Braixen is shown to be the same as she was back as Fennekin. However, she is very attached to her branch especially when its old branch broke and was very picky when her friends tried to find a replacement.

How to Dress Like Serena from Pokemon X and Y

A Showcase Debut! | Pokémon TV

The performers are divided into groups, and only one from each group gets to move on to the next round. This knocks them out of contention, and they have to sadly watch the rest of the competition from the wings. Serena takes some time to grieve, but realizes that this is just the first step on the road to her dream. She decides that a change is in order, and rejoins her friends with a new hairstyle and a new outfit! Meanwhile, Ash and Clemont have been discussing the next stop on their journey

A Showcase Debut!

Get some of your friends to dress as Ash Ketchum , Hilda , Rosa , Dawn , or tons of other choices and you will have nailed the look right on the head! Better catch all these items while you can, and send us a picture of your costumes when you have them all completed! Find some other tips and tricks in our costume gallery! What is interesting about Calem is that he is the male counterpart of Serena. Serena used to be a travel companion of Ash Ketchum in the anime version, but now she aids the player of the game in catching Pokemon.
They then upload their finished videos to an online viewing site, and after viewers vote for their favorites, the top ten videos are announced. Things get off to a rough start: Clemont is completely tongue-tied in front of the camera, so Bonnie agrees to say his lines while Clemont lip-syncs. But when Clemont produces one of his inventions, a video robot with mastery of all types of camera shots, things go very wrong indeed, and Serena and Fennekin are covered in soot after an equipment explosion! Although Ash initially goes off on his own to do some special training for his upcoming Gym battle with Grant, he finally decides to help out with the videos, and production is again under way.