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We use cookies and other technologies to analyze site traffic, understand patterns of use, and improve your browsing experience. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. See what's streaming, limit strong violence or language, and find picks your kids will love with Common Sense Media Plus. There's a lot to be wary of on YouTube, and sometimes good role models go bad. With so many inappropriate videos out there, it can be challenging to find YouTube channels that aren't full of behavior you don't want your kids repeating.

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What Is a VSCO Girl, Anyway?

O ne day last November, Mitch Japczyk, an administrator at an Illinois staffing agency, was called upon to help solve an office mystery. A handful of his co-workers were huddled around the office printer, where a one-page document had just printed itself out, unprompted. Nobody in the office knew what it meant. In order to prevent this from happening, the author recommended five steps:.

Positive Role Models on YouTube

At Walmart, one of the boys skateboards through and through the store, ignoring a agent who says he might hurt someone. At Toys R Us, the large integer dive top dog first into a representation of toy trucks. And at the food market one boy sweeps rows of products off the shelves and onto the floor, time two others dive into a lot of cereal boxes. You Tube web series actor Tyrone Fleming, 40, was found stabbed to death Wednesday. He starred as Tye Banga in the You Tube demo , which follows the narrative of drug kingpins in the Bronx.
This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Video still of a reproduced version of Minnie Mouse, which appeared on the now-suspended Simple Fun channel. Y ouTube videos using child-oriented search terms are evading the company's attempts to control them. In one cartoon, a woman with a Minnie Mouse head tumbles down an escalator before becoming trapped in its machinery, spurting blood, while her children baby Mickey and Minnie characters cry.