Saints row the third viola

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Kiki DeWynter [2]. The Syndicate Morningstar 3rd Street Saints. Temptress Gawalek A36 [3]. Viola's model in a mirror image of Kiki: her hair is mirrored, [10] [11] and her Syndicate star chain is on her left hip, while Kiki's is on her right hip.

Viola DeWynter

Shaundi, Viola or Kinzie? :: Saints Row: The Third General Discussions

Originally promoted along with her sister Kiki as one of the secondary antagonists of the game working under Phillipe Loren , she ends up allying with the 3rd Street Saints after Loren's death, Killbane 's takeover of the Syndicate and him killing Kiki. Viola, along with Kiki, bail out The Protagonist , Johnny Gat and Shaundi after they are arrested for robbing a bank owned by the Syndicate. The twins bring them to Loren, who wants a share of the Saints assets during his takeover of Stilwater. However they manage to break free, with Gat fighting them off whilst the Protagonist and Shaundi escape the plane. After Phillipe is killed during the Saints attack on the Syndicate Tower to avenge Johnny's "death", Viola and Kiki hope to head the Syndicate, however The Luchadores leader Killbane makes himself the leader instead. Viola and Kiki try to have the Saints killed by sending hooker assassins at a party at their penthouse, but this fails. Viola and Kiki get annoyed at Killbane and decide to leave the Syndicate.

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