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Over the period of half a century there was much inter-island relations with trade, marriages and Polynesian expansion with the Islands of Hawaii and through to Rapanui. The original Tahitians were unaware of metal but using their Stone Age technology they were able to clear land for cultivation on the fertile volcanic soils and build fishing canoes , their two basic subsistence activities. The Tahitians were divided into three major classes or castes : ari'i , [4] ra'atira and manahune. In the 19th century Tahitians added the European medicine to their practice. The most famous Tahitian healer Tiurai, of ari'i , died aged 83 during the influenza outbreak on Tahiti in When British Captain Samuel Wallis "discovered" Tahiti on 18 June , the natives were eager to trade, especially in iron nails unknown to them.

The People in French Polynesia

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Polynesians had been living on these tiny outposts for hundreds of years before Europeans had the foggiest notion that the Pacific Ocean existed. The early European explorers were astounded to find the far-flung South Pacific islands inhabited by peoples who shared similar physical characteristics, languages, and cultures. How had these people -- who lived a late-Stone Age existence and had no written languages -- crossed the vast Pacific to these remote islands long before Christopher Columbus had the courage to sail out of sight of land? Where had they come from? Those questions baffled the early European explorers, and they continue to intrigue scientists and scholars today. Bolstered by recent DNA studies linking the Polynesians to Taiwan, however, experts now believe that the Pacific Islanders have their roots in eastern Asia.

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The Aboriginal people on Botany Bay assumed the same, and thought it was filled with opossums scampering up and down its wings and legs. The men of the Endeavour did not always receive a friendly welcome when they landed. They were the first Westerners to witness a Maori haka, now mostly seen on rugby pitches.
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