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Warning: This gallery contains sexual content and descriptions not suited for children. Vibrators have always vibrated, but technology is taking today's sex toys a lot further. We're talking 3D-printed robot masturbation aids, interactive Kegel exercisers and more racy gadgets. Some of them look so stealth you can't even tell they're about sex. As part of Turned On , CNET's special report exploring the intersection of sex and technology, we've updated this gallery to include some of the latest smart toys hitting bedrooms and beyond. Pictured here is the Lovenuts , a vibrator that can also be used as a flashlight.

High-tech sex toys keep getting smarter (NSFW, seriously)

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Sex toys can be a fun form of functional art; carefully sculpted, designed, and crafted to be as pleasing to the eye as they are the body. Below are some sex toys from the new wave. These gallery-worthy pleasure objects are shaking up old stigmas, and changing how people perceive dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys. Even though they are lovely, some people still don't like sex toys. In Texas, vibrators were only legalized in , and in Alabama selling sex toys is still a crime. There's also no regulations on sex toys, so some companies get away with using cheap materials that cause rashes, smell funny, increase the risk of infection, and have other negative long-term effects. The result is the artistic sex toys are hidden from view, and the cheap toxic toys are what people usually end up getting and associating with what a 'sex toy' is.

Wireless APP bluetooth Vibrator Sex Toy For Women

If you're in a relationship and looking to increase both pleasure and intimacy, consider experimenting with a sex toy created with partnered play in mind. Far from being a sign that your intimacy is somehow lacking, using pleasure products with your partner shows that you're open to exploration and adventure. Shopping for a toy together can even count as foreplay. Browse together online from your bed, or have an adventurous date at your local adult store.
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