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When I was 15, my neighbors had a few visitors for the mid-year. In any case when they arrived, I saw a fine looking fellow who looked about my age arrive. The following day I saw him sunbathing in their yard with his shirt off but his jeans still on. My name is Joe. Pleased to meet you!

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John traced his finger around the cocktail glass again. As if some kind of perverted god was listening in on his thoughts, in walked two completely hot women. One was a tall blonde with piercing blue eyes and a huge rack barely contained in a pink tank top. Her friend was a short redhead dressed conservative by comparison. Her brown eyes spotted John from across the room. The two laughed and made their way to the stunned man in glasses. John gulped, unsure about the situation.

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Alice is a strikingly attractive 23 year old with a great body. Men were always eyeing her up. She is about 5 foot 6 with long dark hair that is down to her lower back. Like her younger sister Victoria, she has fine feature with large vivid blue eyes and lips just meant for kissing. As you would expect for a girl 7 years older, her breasts are fully developed and an impressive EE cup size, made all the more obvious when contrasted with her narrow waste.
Most sex is — to my mind — enjoyably filthy because of how you do it. Exactly what you do matters less than the dominant, eager way in which you do it. You can wank me off in a way that both of us find tedious and uninspiring, or with the addition of a few dirty words whispered in my ear and one arm gripping me tightly around the chest, you can rub me off in a way that feels close and filthy. The dream, of course, is to have three men at once.