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It was several years ago, when he was first accused of sex trafficking. Early in my working life as a young model, I was on location in Florida for a photo shoot with an older, Eastern European model, who was eager for me to meet her friend, Jeffrey. We visited a residence, presumably his Palm Beach estate, during the day and I chatted with him as he sat beside me facing a swimming pool. He was personable, casually dressed, and asked me about myself.

What Modeling Taught Me About Jeffrey Epstein

Ex-fashion model opens up about the dark side of the modeling industry – Women in the World

Authors Note-The Wade Turnbull I attributed to the Twitter posts was incorrectly identified as an individual with the same name. The Wade Turnbull quoted-who I did not speak with prior to this publication-is the owner of the website Cargo Collective. My apologies for the error. It becomes a debt slavery or fresh meat. These Tweets came from the account of Wade Turnbull. It should also be noted that Mr. Turnbull, judging by his Twitter feed, is no fan of Hillary Clinton.

Inside New York’s silent sex trafficking epidemic

Fashion models are presented to the world as the perfect images of beauty and glamor, the very standard to which every woman should aspire. What is far lesser known is the dark world that underlies that portrait of seeming perfection. One model has decided to break her silence and speak out about her experiences in an exclusive interview with Women in the World.
A young sexually attractive woman who gets perhaps unwanted attention you know that appearance matters. And now there are about two spots in a show for. Black girls out of maybe Julia Geier they would talk about my body in front of me.