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THE Tapang at Galing ng Pinoy TGP partylist hopes to harness the skills and talents of the youth in sports to push for a strong development program necessary in nation building. TGP nominee Engr. Nerio Ronquillo said the government and the private sector should work together to promote the development of athletes who best exemplify the basic traits of sound mind and a healthy body. Ronquillo also batted for additional fund for both the PSC and the DepEd to help them sustain an extensive program that will promote grassroots sports developments, including the youth.

5120636 Harness - TGP J8 to Slipring J7 - EMC Edition2 for GE CT

Best Price: GE Healthcare , HARNESS - TGP, J11 TO COVERS -EMC ED,

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TGP aims to harness youth power in sports

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