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Instead, the investigation will be directed at the people she worked for, said District Attorney Ira Reiner. Miss Lords, now 18, told authorities her employers knew she was under age and that she was told to get a phony ID, he said. I think it was pretty clear. Traci Lords will tell you that it was pretty clear they understood she was under age.


“New Wave Hookers”: The Traci Lords Film That Changed X-Rated Movies Forever – Night Flight

New Wave Hookers is a pornographic film that established the Alt porn genre. It featured a cast of established performers from the era and was followed by a number of sequels and a remake. Traci Lords appeared in the original version dressed in all-red lingerie and portrayed "the Devil. The story begins with Jack Baker and Jamie Gillis telling jokes as they watch porn and talk about women. They fantasize how their lives would be better if they were pimps with women working for them. They discuss opening an escort service featuring "new wave bitches" who would become aroused after they hear new wave music.

Porn Starlet Won’t Face Charges For Underage Acting

Following the events of New Wave Hookers, the men now own a pimp house where they let the women have fun with others. Two horny teenage boys dress up as girls and sneak into a summer camp full of beautiful women. A young couple seeks therapy from a professional sex therapist whom explains the ways of the so-called female G-spot and the ways to turn a woman on. Miss Jones is tired of her life and commits suicide.
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