When the raven swallows the day horde

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Loremaster of Draenor is required for both the Loremaster achievement and the Draenor Pathfinder, which unlocks flying mounts in Draenor. Warlords of Draenor was the first expansion where you had to essentially complete all the solo content before they would allow you to fly. In previous expansions, you could unlock flying when you were near or at level cap. This means that if you played WoD after Pathfinder was introduced there is a good chance you have achievement completed.

Spires of Arak storyline


The Spires of Arak storyline is the level level-up experience in the Spires of Arak. Players are led here from their faction outposts in Talador. The Adherents of Rukhmar are waging a war of extermination of the cursed arakkoa , and one of the first things that players see is the Skyreach superweapon obliterating Veil Akraz! The storyline tracking achievement is called [ Between Arak and a Hard Place ] and has nine chapters. The chapters are somewhat interleaved, as the zone storyline does not play out linearly. After getting to Veil Terokk, a member of the adventurer's team finds himself captured.

Between Arak and a Hard Place

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Rukhmar is the traditional god of the Arakkoa , the veneration of which was abandoned some time ago by some in favor of the worship of the mysterious master of the Sethekk cult. Rukhmar is associated with the great Arakkoa hero Terokk , and were rumored to be one and the same. However, this was proven to be false. Rukhmar was strong, youthful, and ambitious. She flew higher, ever higher, for she loved the feel of the sun's warmth upon her feathers.