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The Office Whore. Patricia needs money, and sells her sexy body to men in her office. When my partner walked out on me for some micro skirted eye candy he left me with a problem. I was short of cash and running up debts. Fortunately I had a steady job in admin at the big head office of a multinational company but it was hard to make ends meet. But the chain of events which changed everything started when I got a move to another department.

How I became a whore

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I watch my wife do things I never imagine I would see her do. I have written earlier about how I am living a cuckold life now at age There are few stories I have about what happened early in our marriage that probably led to my current lifestyle. This is all very true and I suppose this is where it all started. In the early 80s, my wife and I lived in Shreveport for 5 years; I had transferred from the Dallas area. We had one experience where another man came into our love making.

I Am His Whore

Faced with financial ruin, he put her and her idea to good use! We were in pretty serious financial condition. Wintertime in the U.
This is the story of how my journey from a working class wife to become a prostitute, no coercion and no drug addiction, just circumstance and good luck! My relationship with Phil, my husband was going from bad to worse, we had got married when he was 21 and I was 17 and it was good for a couple of years, then he started drinking more and staying out. Six months ago he came home from a job in Southampton and a row started, for the first time he slapped me, after which he apologised. But this happened a couple of more times over the next six weeks. It came to a head a week ago when Phil came home drunk and was looking for a fight.