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O n a freezing night in February , connoisseurs of advanced music thronged to a small concert hall beneath the Wurlitzer Building in New York to hear — also, assuredly, to get an eyeful of — the cellist Charlotte Moorman. Among them were half-a-dozen conspicuous squares whom everybody pegged immediately as plainclothes policemen. Moorman took the stage wearing an electrified, flashing bikini. She played her cello with a violin in place of a bow, and then a bunch of flowers. It was only when she neared the third aria — to be executed in football helmet and jersey, but nothing below — that the police rushed the stage and bundled Moorman through the snow to a night in the cells and a charge of indecent exposure.

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The only other option, really, is an acoustic guitar, played from atop a high stool. Like Jenny, in that one scene in Forrest Gump :. Judge if you must, but the whole image of a naked cellist playing a wedding gig had us thinking about the realities of nude music-making. Upon further consideration, the idea may be better in fantasy than in reality. Just picture your average piano recital, except the pianist is naked.

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A nude woman sits in a row of string instruments—a cello, viola, and violin—arranged from large to small, her soft curvature matching the carved shapes of the instruments. Her shoulders and hips mimic the adjacent wooden bodies. Her raised and hand arm mimic the neck of the instruments. She fits into the pattern of shapes, arranged from large to small. The background fades slightly at the corners, and recedes to darkness at the base of the image.
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