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Read part one, Rough Day here. But as it turns out, the reasoning behind it actually ends up sucking more than the actual… well, lack of sucking. The ugly, purple welt on your cheekbone is a glaring monument to that; somehow numb and throbbing in equal parts, painting the side of your face dark and swollen as you stare at it in the mirror of the tiny bloom closet sized fresher. One unintentional twitch of his elbow and you suddenly have a black eye.

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I knew that X-rated GIFs had truly come of age when porn star Kimberly Kane tweeted earlier this week that they were "better than actual porn. Now that is something. Most GIFs are meant for laughs, but, increasingly, they're being designed to tickle a different bone. Lux Alptraum, CEO of the porn blog Fleshbot , which now features a "GIF of the day," says that these X-rated animated images, which typically feature a few key climactic moments from a mainstream adult movie, "became popular around the time high-quality GIFs, in general, became more of a thing," which is to say within the past two years. Nowadays, you can find porn sites that consist of a seemingly neverending wall of GIFs, sometimes with high-quality motionless photos thrown in the mix.

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