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Belinda Luscombe thinks we have been sold a whopper when it comes to marriage. This is in spite of a divorce rate that hovers around 42 per cent in the UK. Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access. Already a member? Log in. Already a subscriber or registered access user?

Inside a Course in Tantra Meditation (Yes, That’s the “Sex One”)

How to have a good marriage: say yes to sex and split the housework | Times2 | The Times

Sex in middle age can be a troublesome business. Long-term relationships may have gone off the boil or dissolved altogether. And even the most dedicated of couples are likely to be dealing with stressful jobs, children and elderly parents. None of which is exactly conducive to passion. However, this is the age where sex is arguably more important than ever. Not only is it proven to improve relationships and marriages, there is plenty of research to show that continuing to have sex is great for your immune system, cardiac health and muscle strength. Sex makes us happy and keeps us healthy.

How to have a good marriage: say yes to sex and split the housework

Against a backdrop of honking scooters, spiritual pilgrims, and bejeweled cows, a young muscular man appears in front of my friend, Rahul, and me as we walk down the main tourist drag. He hands us each a flyer. His gaze remains focused. It manages to pierce both of us at once. Rahul and I exchange glances.
V oting in Australia is usually compulsory, but the national postal survey on marriage equality currently under way is voluntary. Nevertheless, Australians have been keen to have their say. The process itself is controversial — the ballot has no legal clout. A yes vote will inform, but not bind, politicians when they consider a change to the law. The debate has been more divisive still.