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The dangers of Facebook to teens and young people is well documented. If you want to protect your kids you need to know where they are. Here are 7 apps and websites you need to be aware of:. According to a recent study , Instagram is now the most popular social network for US teens.

Protect your teens: 7 apps and websites parents should be aware of

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File: Girl imageboard? File Imgur:. Vote on the future of Lolcow Lolcow Awards results are in!

NeXTCHAN is over.

A teen imageboard, also known as chan, is a type of forum, in which people primarily post images. These types of Internet forums originated in Japan and the basis for them continues to be Japanese culture, even in the English based versions. Just like message boards, teen imageboards sometimes incorrectly referred to as imgboards have different topics people can join in on to post pictures, videos, and comments. Topics range from anime, politics, philosophy, popular culture and more. While many people do post images and videos they took themselves, many of them are from other online sources.
Like 4chan is a ripoff of 2chan, 8chan also known as 8ch, Infinitechan, fullchan, Cripplechan and Redchanit is now arguably the coat-tail rider of 4chan which is ironic because 2channel, which 2chan is a spinoff of, hosts 8chan's servers owns 8chan lock-stock-and-barrel as the "international 2channel". It is the brainchild of a shameless faggot named Fredrick Brennan also known as "Hotwheels," because he's a midget with brittle-bone disease permanently confined to his wheelchair who conceptualized it during one of his shroom sessions. Hotwheels didn't like how imageboards like Wizardchan which he was an admin for and 4chon were run by admins who banned people left and right. His response to this was creating an imageboard where anyone could make and moderate their own board. Originally a deadchan like 7chan before it, it has been heavily populated by pissed off ex-4channers, the biggest spike or "exodus" being caused by the deletion of GamerGate threads on 4chan and the subsequent shitstorm of AIDS created sitewide by janitors who felt that this was a good opportunity to show their true colors.